Monday, January 18, 2010

one simple word: "PRAYER"

this has been an amazing day...concerning prayer.
This week, my school switch the student shepherd prayer meeting into Monday lunchbreak instead of Weds. For me this is a great, what better way to really kickstart the week than getting the students together in prayer & unity?
Well today I was surprised and greatly encouraged by the number of sudents who showed up for prayer. I think there were about 15/16 today. What excites me even more is the fact that they were most the non-shepherds...who DON'T even have to join prayer. We even dragged a brand new student (I sure hope he'd join again next week) Praise GOD!

We had a great prayer time, prayin for the school, upcoming events,exams n tests. We prayed for some parents who are hospitalized and will undergo operation, and a student who injured his knee during sport. Most of the times we prayed together at the same time, but some prayed outloud alone afterwards for each prayer request. I see how God slowly touched their hearts and how they became more open. My mind then was filled with so many ideas about how to build up and encourage this hunger in them...that God has to remind me constantly that it's all God's work and He knows the perfect time and perfect way to do it =p

So, anyway I did my One Desire prayer 2nite and was listening to pst Seth's sermon on Prayer from last Dec, really awesome reminder for the next 2weeks, or even after...

Our intimacy with Jesus Christ FUELS our prayer...[makes it powerful]
And one key for intimacy is for us to remain in God -->
which means that we need GOD's Word to remain in us...(John 15:5-8)
so that when we pray...FRUIT is produced.
And remain actually means: to continually dwell,or be in the presence of God becoz being apart means we can do NOTHING. a branch disconnected from the vine.
And when God's Word remain in us it meanswe allow God to speak 2us,we let God reign and rule over our lives,to lead us, and we'll be able to make His passion our passion, His burden our burden, His desire to become our desire.
Can't talk about prayer without talkin about God's Word.
awh, too many things to note, just click the title of this post n u'll get the link to the sermon.

Anyway, then as I was browsing i came upon this blogpost and this photo, which also reminds me of a good friend of mine in the states who's about to be sent to Afghanistan in a week or was kind of a shocking news coz this will b the first time ever that I have a friend fighting a war's hard to think about it but I believe God also has a purpose of allowing this to happen and the best I can do is pray. But aside from that this picture really inspire me.

When I was reading all the request on the prayer board,also on the website I really said to myself...WOW, God's really gonna be busy =p
Then again. He can answer all those needs and take care of our problems in a second. But I realize He's also interested in me,seeing my faith grow and to bear good fruits. He's so interested in communicating with me through my prayers,communicate his desire and what's in His think that i often forgot what a priviledge that is.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ONE DESIRE 'What is Priceless??"

Day two...
Our sessions were entitled "Price of Integrity" and "In the Service of The King". We learned so many things I can't write them all, but the two things that spoke to me most are of course 'integrity' and 'the cost'.
Another confirmation of what God had told me personally just like I wrote on my very first post. So I guess it must be important. my character.

He reminded me through the preaching that I am blessed to be a blessing...and that God's blessing ALWAYS include 'positively influencing people' - isn't that powerful?
Also that following God is something I always have to choose, not something that will happen automatically just coz i've been a believer for 10yrs or so. It's always my own desicion whether I follow His ways or not.
'shud I do that 2make this person happy...or shud I first of all make God happy??
'shud I apologize...or shud I not, after all, I think it's her fault.she shud say sorry first.'
'shud I laugh at that mean person who got into trouble...or shud I offer help and show love?

I started to question myself...why did I sometimes choose not to follow Him? How did I ever make those stupid desicions that I know for sure go against God's will?
Then my mind went to the 1st thing pst Andrew asked us that morning.

What is priceless to you?
And I was thinking...if God is the most priceless thing to me, and I love Him that much, I'll be following him gladly and choose to do His will at all times. So I was really convicted to make sure my love for God continue to burn so following Him wont be a hard choice.

I know this will be a challenging year,at work, at home. To somehow make a difference and transform the mind of the students who already believe that the teachers in school are not walking the talk, not showing good examples n don't really care.
Not to try to please the students or other teachers or the boss, but just to do what is right before God (again Micah 6:8)

Pst Andrew also mentioned what pst Seth said that 1st sunday 2010 :
"What actions glorifies God the most?"
How we should hold on to God's values in evryday desicion we face.
That it is again, OUR CHOICE to have a steadfast walk of following Jesus.
Uncompromising, like Joseph all throughout his hardships.

'POSITIVELY INFLUENCING PEOPLE'...that's probably the best blessing I can receive from God.

Then in the evening sessions pst Andrew talked about 'service', how God works behind the scenes in our lives, how God uses His people to testify 2the world who He is, he also talked bout counting the cost of being used.
Exactly what God already warned me about end of 2009.
Bigger price to pay. Bigger sacrifice.

When p Andrew quoted 'Actions speak louder than words', it was as if God's sayin...
So u think talkin bout Me is hard??? try LIVING it. Live ur life for me.
From Joseph we learned how he got to work immediately after God finally put him to good use as a ruler in Egypt after Pharaoh. He didn't sit around n enjoy his new position. He worked hard.
I think i've been too lazy in 2009. Although it was a full busy year, I think I just didn't pray enuf, not strengthen my relationships enuf, not trust God enuf and not work hard enuf.

That morning I read a segment in Charles Swindoll book 'The Quest for Character' which is awesome btw,n the title was "Giving with Gusto"
it started with 2 Samuel 24, where it talks about King David who refused the free gifts from Araunah so David can use it as offering to God.
He said that he won't offer burnt offerings to the Lord His God that cost him nothing...WOW, what a passionate commited love driven statement that David made.
I wonder if I would ever be like that.
John Henry Jowett said "ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing."

What a day it was, a lot of repentance happened in my heart n i'm just hopin to be able to make real changes =p I also felt so blessed to have all these brothers n sisters whom I can learn from, grow together with, challenge eachother and have accountability partners that I can be open with n pray with. Just awesome!

We had great time around the bonfire that night and heard more testimonies, had more time of fellowship,
and I saw hundreds of stars...AMAZING. PRICELESS. JUST LIKE THE MAKER IS.